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AD not found, here are some reviews about 415-323-6877

  • sfrhino

    9/6/2016 05:47

    Sadly I have nothing nice to say about this provider. She kept me waiting for a total of about an hour 1/2 and then blew me off, and not in the good way. She says, after I'd driven back home her phone messed up and she will make it right if I come back. And because I was using my small head to think, I agree. We agree on 9pm to meet. I arrive at the arranged location and she says she didn't think I was coming and needed 15 minutes. Then she needed 10 more. Then 5. Says shes waiting on a delivery from Amazon, at 9:30 pm on Labor Day? Whatever. So after 40 minutes I finally get the address. I arrive at her apartment and it's a tiny little studio thats just filthy. She's ok looking and much heavier than her pics in her ad and on her websites. There is a tiny inflatable twin mattress and futon cushion against the wall. The floor is sticky we begin and she seems distracted and bored. I ask for some oral and it lasted 15 seconds b4 she gives up. Do not get sucked in as I was