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A Sexy Redhead As Sweet As Candi 26

  • Age: 26
  • Viewed: 27
  • Favorite: 0
  • Posted: 2017-03-29
  • Current city: Tucson, Arizona

520-975-8718 worked cities

    Hi, I'm Candi & I eagerly await the company of gentlemen! Close your eyes & picture a petite,sexy redhead with long,wavy hair,an alluringly feminine hourglass⌛ figure & enticing emerald green eyes that sensually sparkle✨ & shine like an intensely hot, unwritten invitation that still softly smolders. If she's an appealing image, her desire to hang out is unmistakable & you'd enjoy some quality time together as much as she would, open your eyes & then reach520-975-8718 to grant me the honor of putting a glowing smile on your face by showing you the toe curling, true meaning of that over used phrase "I aim to please!"

    Poster's age: 26

    • Location: Tucson

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