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      8/19/2021 19:27

      Memphis at the same time.....

      8/13/2021 06:20

      speedyF thinks hes The Authority on hookers, Why-the only pussy he can get is paying for it. I KNOW who you are now tinyD lol speak to any he saw(most of his reviews=meth pipe dreams) ladies say hes FKn Weird needs a shower & Block his #. Ladies beware.

      8/10/2021 12:20

      VicBigDguy is a fake review: More than 1 person with the same I.P.

      Memphis, Tennessee



      With IP

      With same IP
      2 other users

      8/9/2021 21:05

      Hoes always have some excuse to make it seem like things are your fault or some sob story phone died etc. Thanks for the warning.

      8/5/2021 23:54

      Horrible time waster..Don't waste time with this flake..Did not even have the decency to tell me she is running late or can't make it..Finally got a text back from this flake..when I told her I will warn Men about my experience

      • Replied at 8/8/2021 02:00

        That is not true. I told you I forgot my phone as soon as I turned around to get it and got it I texted you. If I was gonna flake I wouldn’t have even texted you back after you rudely cursed at me when I was trying to explain what happened. I apologize that I left my phone and was late being able to explain what happened but I did not do it on purpose and I intended to see you. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

      4/10/2021 05:27

      Unforgettable, BEST

      • Replied at 8/8/2021 02:00

        Thank you babe

      Big DWBD
      12/19/2020 09:13

      When she opened the door my dropped. She is the most sexist woman I have evee seen. Picture DO NOT do her JUSTICE!!!!! I will be back, Charlie's

      • Replied at 12/19/2020 09:15

        Aww ty babe! Come back anytime

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