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AD not found, here are some reviews about 347-808-5363

  • Greg77277777

    6/17/2020 05:24

    Great mature provider, I was looking for someone like Claire. Go see her, guys!

  • richbull67

    6/17/2020 05:58

    Getting to her place was a breeze, I did stop to get condoms just in case but she had her shit together and she did end up doing bare bj on me so no need, and of course, very pleasant. She unzipped my fly and went for a voluptuous bbbj in that right little mouth. It was like she was inhaling an oversized candy bar, there was ball licking and lots of gentle tugs on the head. After about 15 minutes I wanted to taste her too, while I was sitting up she mounted upside down for 69 action. She put a condom on me with her mouth and then asked nicely to get fucked on her tight kitty, it was feeling wet and warm. I couldn't hold it so I blew a load while in mish.

  • Cock2322

    9/5/2020 08:03

    She is so beautiful and
    very professional. She made me
    feel comfortable and attended
    to. Would definitely love to see
    her again. She was nice. Direct and had
    some rules. Was a good time.

  • jake67

    9/5/2020 08:06

    Very pretty MILF!!!, Definitely a good time and worth a repeat

  • Richbull61

    10/26/2020 06:37

    she is so willing and so juicy. Her body and mind wants to pleasure more and more. If you havent yet experienced it, try it for sure

  • jock45

    10/26/2020 06:54

    fucking a MILF of 30 plus is pleasure on a different level, She’s a keeper!! 

  • liam46

    10/29/2020 09:56


  • brew83

    11/9/2020 08:17

     I like the way you work! I'm obsessed with her body, She is amazing so fucking sexy. You have an incredible body. I'd absolutely love to fuck you again when next time I’m downtown!!

  • Hartley59

    11/16/2020 10:31

    Can’t explain how much she turned me on with her cock worship, her needs were insatiable and wild

  • twfan

    12/24/2020 09:26

    fake scammer her picture are all over the different places...her reviews are all say the same thing

  • Godson67

    12/24/2020 10:28

    MET HER TODAY! She’s absolutely Gorgeous only thing fake is her tits!!

  • twfann

    12/24/2020 10:41

    Ignore the HATE review, glad to say I finally met her. She is real, very accommodating. Tall, sexy and really gets into it. No complaints you should check her out her sessions are not rushed and she makes you feel very comfortable immediately after the initial greeting.

  • tom54

    1/2/2021 11:17

    omg ! I am going to get a hold of her !

  • Cuckoldhuaband

    1/3/2021 02:32

    Amazing personality. Unrushed and sweet chemistry

  • Sissyslutgreg

    1/4/2021 09:53

    Can’t wait to eat your ass again my MISTRESS!

  • Funguy28

    2/4/2021 11:02

    Amazing Milf good service

  • mrgoodlife54

    3/8/2021 05:00

    I had been checking out Claudette for quite a while now, but never motivated myself to go see her since she's all the way in poinciana, and that's a far drive for me. Nevertheless, I was curious and decided to take a chance on her. It was the best decision I've made the whole day today.


    • Sweet girl with a nice personality.

    • Waited for me in a sexy black outfit.

    • Section was totally unrushed.

    • Place was clean and drama free.

    • BBBJ was solid. Straight to the point, very wet and nonstop.

    • She tries to DT as much as she can.

    • Takes directions very well.

    • Will allow CIM.

    • Willing to do balls as well, but I declined since it's not my thing.


    • None.


    I have to say that sometimes taking risks pays off. I really didn't know this provider that well, but I'm happy that I met her. She did mention that she was a little bit concerned at a negative review that she received on this site. I really don't know what she was referring to, but she explained that she stayed asleep by accident when she was not supposed to. I promised her that I was going to give her a positive review, based on the experience that I had today. She said that she is very grateful for that since she is needing regulars at the moment and wants them to be from this site. She gave me the impression that she is willing to deliver good service to all who visit her in return for positive reviews. If any of you guys has not seen her yet, I highly recommend for you to go ahead and do it. I know the drive can be a pain, but believe me when I tell you, you won't regret it. Help this girl out, she needs it. One more thing, she also mentioned that she has double dates available, with her friend. She showed me a picture and I have to say that the offer was quite tempting. I will definitely see them both next time for double oral.

  • Mr Google

    4/19/2021 10:16

    This is a scam, will ask for a gift card for the donation then wants the card info to verify its active. Then they use the card to purchase something and don't show and ghost you after they have ripped you off. Any reviews that posted that this is a real provider are fake.

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