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    I am now available Monday- Friday in Tarentum.

    200 HH

    No BB
    BBBJ is fine.
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      7/29/2022 22:56

      She was a great person and special but unfortunately she struggled with mental illness and trauma as a result addiction happens. I'm heart broken for her and her kids. This world is awful.

      7/29/2022 13:07

      Yep, she unfortunately passed away five days before her 33rd birthday. Not sure what happened, but I'm also curious.

      7/29/2022 05:20

      Wow, just so sad to hear of Jess’s passing.

      Old buck
      7/18/2022 16:55

      Been out of country and just returned to find out this beautiful soul is no longer with us. Anybody know what happened ? RIP

      12/22/2021 01:45

      Mark 69...your living a sad life must boy. You made a post last month stating the same thing and stated you wouldn't return, only to make damn near the same post. This lady is by far one of the best providers and her hygiene and the smell of the pussy is perfect. Go kick rocks

      mark 69
      12/18/2021 18:41

      no she definitely has a odor problem.... in a bunch of different locations... never again almost puked it was that bad

      • Replied at 12/19/2021 13:11

        Weird, I wasn’t working on the 18 Mark. You are a sad, sad man with nothing better to do than leave bad reviews. All you have to do is look at your account. It’s all you do. I’ve never even met you. Tell me one thing about my bedroom. One thing! Bet you can’t because I have NEVER seen you and never would.

      Charlie Bourbon
      12/11/2021 17:32

      This young lady is fantastic. She is soft and petite but firm in all the right places. She has a tight, tiny box and she loves to cum! She tastes amazing! Beautiful, petite feet! She's just a lovely girl. You can't go wrong here.

      Old buck
      12/3/2021 21:44

      I have seen Mercedes many times over the past months. There is no one else in the area as sweet as her. Always clean and very accommodating. I’ve never seen any signs of drug abuse as one guy suggested. Makes me wonder if we are talking about the same girl.

      mark 69
      11/20/2021 20:50

      she must be making her own reviews. none of them right..appears to be a addict..could see marks on arm and better hygiene pussy didn't smell good..I won't be back

      • Replied at 12/2/2021 06:47

        This must be the guy I have the boot for talking about doing little kids. Judging by your other reviews, this isn’t the first time.

      11/20/2021 12:13

      Just saw Mercedes again this morning, there is no reason to look elsewhere for what she provides. I can honestly say it was an experience just as before if not better. This woman is a gem, elegant and very sensual and sexy. You would think she is your girlfriend she is that attentive and willing to please. 10 stars minimum

      11/13/2021 11:41

      Mercedes is an exceptional lover, not only is she fabulous and good at what she does, she is also educated, articulate and can hold a conversation. Very beautiful and sexy woman, you guys need to treat her good and respectful because she does the same. Incall was safe and clean, just as she is. Donations are well worth it! Definitely my regular provider for now on!

      10/21/2021 14:42

      I just saw Mercedes and she is amazing. She is the most beautiful and down to earth escort i have ever met. The sex was awesome and her pussy is super tight. I highly recommend her and i can't wait to see her again.

      9/25/2021 07:11

      Where should i begin? All i can say is she is amazing and she is even more beautiful in person. Mercedes is a true professional and gave me the best sexual experience i have had on any of these sites. She is gorgeous and petite with that girl next door vibe. Mercedes is educated and freaky that delivered on that gf experience i was looking for. Wow, i will definitely be back soon baby.

      8/22/2021 04:33

      After one visit, Mercedes is my favorite provider. She is incredibly sexy, smart, sweet, and accommodating. She opens the door and she is the beautiful girl pictured in her post (pretty rare). Of course, as other reviewers have highlighted, her skills are amazing, and then taking the whole experience to the next level is her “girl next door” look and personality. She really loves what she does and she makes you feel special by focusing all of her attention on you.
      I was cautious because of the negative reviews, but I am so happy I decided to see Mercedes. Having met her I can’t imagine how this young lady would ever get a negative review. Jim

      8/21/2021 18:12

      Totally legit! Amazing at what she does and doesnt rush anything. Super sexy and pussy and mouth are both top notch. Will definitely see her again and i highly recommend her!

      7/31/2021 15:33

      I'm a 42 year old man that, I would say, has high standards and for us men to be in the position of paying for it puts us at risk as well buy I can assure you that your hard earned money will be spent well with this particular woman. She clearly has makeup on in these pictures but she clearly doesn't need it. Beautiful skin, no Mark's or acne. Perfect setting and home environment. Super attractive and the pussy was perfect. For any guy that has given this lady a bad reviews...don't be falling in love with pussy your paying for lol.

      7/21/2021 11:44

      has alexa and a camera in room, i guess you can be on the web.

      • Replied at 7/22/2021 21:32

        I know exactly who this is due to the piss poor grammar. I have an Alexa because it plays music. I absolutely do not have a camera. Nothing you’ve done in the bedroom would be worthy of being put on the web lol. Also this review was left on a Wednesday and anyone who has contacted me knows my availability is scarce and is certainly never Wednesday. In addition, the reason I refuse to see you is because you begged to date me, changed your number and tricked me into coming to my house again, and frankly you are creepy. Imagine being so butt hurt by an escort not wanting to date you that you leave false reviews.

      7/13/2021 01:29

      Always a great time with her. she the best provider in Pittsburgh. I've met her twice already, she's very very nice ,clean and beautiful. 1000% I recommend her.

      7/12/2021 22:59

      Not sure what Fred is talking about. She's great! Safe location (no pimp), def NOT a drug addict, very clean girl not to mention gorgeous! I see her as much as I can. Can't wait to see ya hun. Oh and Treat her good guys she's 5 stars!/ 10/10, best provider in the burgh!

      7/12/2021 21:23

      I had a great time! Such an amazing woman. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Definitely will be seeing her again.

      Fred z
      7/10/2021 19:59

      Drug addict works for her pimp boyfriend disgusting tried to rob me

      • Replied at 7/12/2021 19:56

        This coming from the Republican who cannot stand that a woman has the right to not meet with him because he uses the N word so freely. I have plenty of people that would attest to this review and the only reason I know about it is because one of my regulars pointed it out. Imagine being so bitter about an escort that you have to make shit up lol.

      Closed account
      6/2/2021 08:59

      Wow, she is amazing what a experience, I definitely will be back.

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