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Found 7 reviews and 6 flags about 480-439-4124

  • Rob Cook

    7/4/2022 09:48

    Didn't show up!

  • Guest

    6/27/2022 13:16

    Reviews are showing from 4 different people in 4 different towns and yet she is supposed to be in Columbus Ohio. All apparently are 5 star reviews for cash first through cashapp.

  • JDuddy195225

    6/20/2022 23:43

    I’m so pissed cause some random broke dude is trying to put shit on her account I just fucking hooked up with her and she’s for real legit so stop this shit man you cocksucker she never asked for $500 she’s right here sad cause she doesn’t know who you fucking are

  • Williw

    6/15/2022 07:24

    What an absolute joke. Self review. The faggot at the bottom paid a 500 deposit before meeting her? What a f putz loser geek. Lmfaooo. Total lie. All these reviews are fake

  • Chrisfucksanyone

    6/5/2022 16:01

    Hi please reply me I have been texting you babe I need a reply a friend referred you to me I have got Cash App and I want a whole day with you my number ends with 7526 I’m waiting for a reply

  • PerveRay

    6/1/2022 21:44

    So neat So beautiful I never knew there were still real escorts that take upfront payment I thought you were going to oh well you know but you didn’t you fucking showed up Damn I guess it’s good to check the reviews first

  • Hillmam

    5/31/2022 12:57

    I don’t know how i got so lucky but I am so fucking glad I met you I thought you were one of those fucking scammers but you turned out to be a real escort after paying $500 for booking fee before meeting you thanks a lot for not letting me down I look forward to hooking up with you again this weekend I love you

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