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Found 4 reviews and 0 flag about 628-777-9498

  • Nothanks

    9/20/2022 14:00

    She was cool the first session....or so I thought. I had a session with her and less then a week later, I hit her up again to set something up. She asked me to come over to her spot for an incall. Once I got there, she ghosted. I still havent heard back from her with a peep of an excuse for doing that.

  • bluecrusher420

    5/25/2022 01:18

    Don't even waste your time on this one, because she will definitely waste yours.

  • Toraono

    5/14/2022 07:14

    She got the body of a hottie, and a booty just right.
    Gives great head and keeps you up all night.
    Got me curled up making her cum just right.
    Aaaahhhh, you see she know what she doiiiing...
    See a man chilling with a pink haired woman can't leave her alooone.
    She got eyes like sparkling stars, keeping you zoooned.
    Wish I could grind her groceries a little mooore
    I gotta keep her to myself
    Like top shelf
    Over here
    Under there
    Just bow
    Right now
    All I want is my pink haired giiirl!!!
    Sorry gents, I am laying claim to this booty in the name of all that squeals and smiles. Yall can visit her now and then but I am am placing mining rights on that booty.

  • OriginalB7

    3/7/2022 20:53

    She’s the real deal. I’ve met with her quite a few times. You won’t be disappointed.

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