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Found 10 reviews and 1 flag about 702-234-5303

  • Mr_lancaster

    1/17/2022 11:49

    I caught an std from her as well, it was syphilis and one of the worst pains I've ever been through. It took months for the spots on my genitals and hands to go away and I had to get medical help. I'm glad to see another review on this issue, because she is not clean like she claims, and awareness needs to be raised so no other guy goes through this. She does give a great bbbj, but after all that testing and getting shots, having to leave work early because of the unbearable pain it's not worth it. I haven't seen her since

  • Mrdeepthrust

    1/2/2022 10:35

    Lambskin your ass is on so many females review trying to say they are good you need to maybe stop messing with escorts and go get a education you can bleed from infection like gonorrhea lmao even clueless people can Google that and other infections that can cause bleeding in the urine. And I net with here and didn't use a condom as well with text as proof so your really don't know shit for knowing her supposedly do yourself a favor stop posting on every escorts page and go back to school dumb ass lmao

  • LambSkinOnly

    12/10/2021 20:09

    Macstyle... I have never personally heard of any type of STD that makes you bleed from your penis. Also, I've known her for many years and she requires a condom for sex. I call bullshit on all the bullshit that you write!

  • Guest

    11/17/2021 01:14

    Wow I don't know if you guys caught her on a bad day or what because She was Very Pretty and Smelled Clean...everywhere..gave the best BBBJ and pussy was amazing I will return!!!

  • Mrdeepthrust

    11/7/2021 12:30

    Dirty and definitely bigger in person i regret it 100%

  • Macstyle101

    11/4/2021 23:53

    Oohhh please do everyone who reads this a favor and stfu. You sound as dumb as you are dirty. People are not controlled by me idiot this review is exactly that a review of my experience with you they can believe what they want but you better get clean you would look extremely stupid if you got another guy besides me another std and he wrote a similar review then what you gonna look stupid and say what? People can believe what they want but the people who believe me will at least save them selves a future problem with stds or worse. What female on here isnt gonna be mad and try to justify a bad review doesn't change the fact its still on your account. And how dumb do you sound if you see my other reviews (the few that i do have) they are all talking about how rude or fake the account or person is there is a such thing as spam so i haven't met up with anyone idiot you were the first in this line of work and as i said worse decision and pic of my life. Do people a favor and tell the truth when you dirty you shouldn't be that desperate for money as for you being less attractive and fatter in person and smelling like smoke well people will see that for themselves or try updating pictures that are not 3 or 4 years old cant hide your looks in person idiot

  • Macstyle101

    11/1/2021 10:47

    WARNING... Stay away from this girl i am not one for talking negatively about anyone but i should worn others so they dont go through what im going through. She LIES and says she is clean when she is not i believed her and as a result im paying for it peeing blood now with pain. Pictures are of her but she is in fact bigger in person and has a cigarette smell to her idk if she smokes or what but this is a fair warning not ti see this girl she is bad news. She was so scared of meeting thinking i was a cop (when i wasn't) now i wish i never met with her dirty self STAY AWAY TRUST ME.

    • Replied at 11/4/2021 06:09

      Wow it seems like you only write bad reviews...infact all your reviews are of you talking shit about the girls you meet. GET A LIFE BUDDY AND STOP SPREADING LIES ABOUT ME!!!

  • Bamboozle1122

    9/8/2021 00:24

    She's wonderful! Best bbbj in Las Vegas area!

  • decooldude

    5/17/2021 12:19

    This is a shill, a self post of a total lie. Fat, ugly and horrible head job, not worth the 60

  • LambSkinOnly

    4/10/2021 14:41

    This girl is the true definition of "head monster"! She is definitely in the top ten in Vegas when it comes to a phenomenal bbbj!

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