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Found 5 reviews and 0 flag about 702-342-2951

  • Vegasplaya89

    5/17/2022 07:29

    This chic taking loads for a reasonable price. Never had any issue with her. She sexy af. Like bros, have any of you actually ever fucked or gotten sucked by this woman or u just bitching online bc u can?

  • Speedyf

    11/22/2021 16:55

    Something completely disconnected in her brain. Super full of hate and anger + aggressive.

  • Nothanks

    8/11/2021 22:19

    This chick seems like meth or cocaine mixed with issues. Just reading her ridiculous rant ad posts on ither sites amd then this one filled with drama. Who has time for that shit? lol Id say, stay away and choose somewhere else

  • decooldude

    8/8/2021 11:11

    not only is she UGLY but she has the most horrible attitude. Not worth the time and money

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