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Found 2 reviews and 0 flag about 702-552-6501

  • Who Asks?(suspended)

    3/14/2022 16:14

    He brags about robbing the cracker to use as an excuse to do it. She's so pathetic she'll claim she has children she'll claim she is pregnant she'll claim anything to get money out of you. But she does not want to have sex with you.

  • No body(suspended)

    1/3/2022 04:31

    She likes car dates or gang dates.
    Car date by Karen and Maryland.
    She will goto boulder hwy station with others after she found a pimp there.
    She is a local practiced at robbery.
    She likes a environment she can control and not have sex but use no no no or keep it closed.
    She will not have sex and then she will brag about it.

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