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paradise babe

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      Saw this chick once about 5 years ago. I'm glad I immediately went and got tests run. She was drunk or high as hell. Seems like an occurring theme for her. She is a cum dumpster for sure. You never know how many loads are going to be dripping off of you when you pull out of her. If you are into drunk/high cum dumpsters, she is definitely the talk of the town.

      Closed account

      I doubt the last 3 guys for the following:
      I believe the lady I fuck that knows her & has intro'd me to her would have told me(if she knew - they are close enough that if Abbey told her friends, she'd likely tell my friend-they are close-doesn't mean if true Abb wood tell ANY1)my friend would let me know, she knows I have no interest in sex w/Ab, women, not only hookers, let me know when another has something, even if they are friends-again no guarantee. My fk friend & I have hung w/ Abbey many times for hours to days, she & Abbey are close.
      - lets examine the 3:
      HR is brand fkn new profile created 1-13 1 month ago 6 days before his review AND he has never reviewed another has NO favorites. says "I've never seen her, but..." How the fuck does he know she has tits, let alone herpes? He put this out based on what? she didn't call him back, he had a tiny cock, fucked her but she left after doesn;t matter sounds like BS
      Jimmy K - NO other reviews not from LV NO favorites, how does he know anything about this?
      No Thanks - examine his reviews, that alone says much. OVER 100 review here, 95% or more are BAD 1 star & most 2 or 3 star revs ALSO BAD he gave more stars probably to look like he's not a hater, clearly he is. 3 or 4 5 star reviews are questionable & unlikely, for who the ladies are, how briefly they posted, if they were even legit, I think he did them to not look like a hater.
      IDK if she or anyone else has anything. To think all BB ladies are clean all the time is stupid, if 1 has something she may not even know BUT she wouldn't tell random ass holes & NOT her regs, I find the reviews unlikely based on all the above, I could be wrong. My bb reg ladies, mostly DO not post at all, ARE NOT BB for most others, maybe none. Kat was the 1 exception, if there were posts about her, Id ask her, we were close enough, I'd believe her not guys with no history no favs, & NO other revs IF this was posted about Kat, I;d still fuck her, I wouldn't even ask. I doubt the bs, If I fucked with her, Id ask point blank the next visit, If I was a reg w/ her, she'd tell me & I wouldn't be a dick about it, Id mention the revs, unless "yes i have/ or had it" I;d fuck her good immediately, to show I believed her.
      I may ask my FK friend when I see her this week, won't make it a point, she may think I do want Abbey, either way I don;t want Abbey to think I think or some bull shit, She probably knows about the reviews by now.
      that said, if you keep fucking hookers raw bb, sooner or later you will almost certainly get something, don't blame the hooker if you do. you wanted raw, she didn't demand you not use a cover, so don;t blame her, YOU wanted it & we all know the risk.

      Harley Rider

      I've never seen her but I suggest that any guys looking to visit her know she has herpes.


      Of course she does. Why do you think the surcharge for bb is usually waived? :) Also she took antibiotics for gonorrhea and some other shit more than once last year. Did she share that detail with you? She does not ever get tested, just takes a pill when somebody's dick starts dripping. She does serious drugs that cost serious money so she does what it takes to get them.

      Harley Rider

      Spreading herpes? Wonder if she knows. Lol


      She has been spreading herpes for months. Bb anything? Get tested.


      Chick is always drunk and weird. Also a literal cum dumpster so I hope you get your penicillin shots.




      Seen her 3 times more since my last review, I still love this chick !! One thing it is not just booze / drunk behaviour, so she can become paranoia as I saw in one of the reviews, luckily never happened to me


      I fully agree, my all time favorite. Can be a bit awkward in the beginning but you have to get to know her. One thing, she is a drinker so sometimes she is completely hammered.....


      Can be elusive but once you get the ball rolling she can be tons of fun.

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