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Humpday Yay

702-805-3709 worked cities

    It's the middle of the week,and fun is what u seek. Whether your week's 1/2
    done or u feel it's just begun, I'm looking for an adventurous guy - are you
    the one Don't be shy - come on by, put yourself to the test. You won't regret
    a single second...with me you've got the best!

    In/Out avail
    Text me now! (at the number below)

    I see: Men only
    Location: Strip
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      3/13/2022 01:33

      OK I've gotta say fellas that have poorly reviewed this lil pillow princess are either A: straight up liars or B: straight up haters because she has rejected them and I'm here to tell you I've been seeing this lil vixen now for 6 years even before she was an escort she moonlighted I guess you could say by seeing me . She has the coolest personality and skills that are unrivaled she has never been anything but honest and always ALONE . I've used her bathroom due to a medical condition I have no wait time when I have to go ita right then or I'll have am accident and there isn't someone in there just a very big but loving dog that will turn. Not so if someone were to hurt her I'm sure but no dudes I've also moved her whole house on 2 occasions so I'd know if there was a man around . Dont listen to these haters and miss a very pleasant and enjoyable time and remember your manners when setting up your date cuz she will block you if your rude . Who wouldn't?, so take a chance and use your head check out her other reviews elsewhere before making your mind up souly off what these obviously haters are making up she's the queen of clinics here in Vegas I promise you'll thank me for suggesting it hands down. My favorite girl to bad she loves her job so much cuz I'd marry her if she'd let me but she likes what she does . So I will say straight out anyone claiming to be robbed by this sweetheart is full of the stuff that there spitting out and like I say do your own homework look at her other reviews else where before making your mind up this is all the whole pic guys girls that rob clients have paper tracks thes days and many prior which u will not find for this goddess of gobbling and I will promise you've never see. Skills that match shes my regular and I don't see that changing anytime soon it have to be a superhero bitch to pull me away I promise you don't believe the hype they are shit talkers
      That probably lied about how much money they have thinking the time was free and got shot down

      Closed account
      2/26/2022 06:16

      I've seen this woman many times for a over 2 years, my comp room, or her place - on the strip, Idk if she has a man or not. I doubt it, cause I visited her place for more than 2 hours more than once, and I doubt ANYONE could remain in the bathroom that long when its the middle of fkn summer & 120 in a small br like that..... Either way, she's NEVER burned rushed clocked or bull shitted ME, she's been up front, cool and nice, as a matter of fact, I'll leave that out, but I fell asleep the time before last, with a few hundred in 20s in my shirt, which was off and she knew it, plus a few 100 in my wallet - in my shorts and off - on the floor some where, I woke up like 30 or 60 mins later, maybe longer, she was just cool let me rest, she never left the bed, ALL MY $$ was where it was suppossed to be, not a penny short so I think that last review is some prick wanted pics for free or agreed to rate then showed up with 10 dollars but is pissed she didn't .... for his 10... Kiera is cool as fuck

      2/13/2022 09:25

      Beware guys this thief hides her bum ass boyfriend in the Bathroom, I think he's a cuckold or something with there big goofy ass dog they got me for 150, see u soon

      12/17/2021 18:25

      This girl will suck you DRY.

      Closed account
      12/13/2021 02:39

      Kiera is an All American girl next door, the super cool girl into cutting edge stuff, not a boring goodie goodie. She's hot, but guys didn't try to date her cause she was out of their league - she went with guys like me. Besides being sharp, intelligent & nice, she is awesome to spend time with. What ever lame comments are here are from guys who couldn't keep up with her mind or body & have nothing to do with the truth of spending time with Kiera, I enjoyed her company so much I saw her again a few days later. I replaced the flakes I was seeing with her.

      8/1/2021 03:47

      Super easy to contact. Responds quick with easy incall. Great oral skills and males sure you have a fun time. Worth seeing.

      6/30/2021 14:35

      MUCH HEFTIER than her pics would have you believe. Just fyi

      4/19/2021 13:21

      Assumes a lot really not worth the meet

      4/19/2021 13:08

      Set up a date range to meet her all she did when it was time to meet was go mia and never reply to my text then when i talk to her on my other number she pretty much said she blocked me because i didnt text her (i didnt know guys were supposed to text up the girls) we plan to meet before the scheduled time frame to meet. They dont care to be friends just the meet and money so yea. But had the nerve to blame me (even though i texted her around the time i said i would) she just didnt get the text because she blocked me for nothing. Not the negative review i wanted to put but oh well its her fault in the end for blocking me

      2/10/2021 18:37

      Excellent in every way. I will be back.

      10/27/2020 05:52

      Awesome Oral services, great FS - Real Provider Have seen her twice.

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