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Found 4 reviews and 0 flag about 725-227-4732

  • Jells30

    8/23/2021 19:05

    hey pretty,when you come back to California

  • LVkiller

    8/16/2021 20:04

    Great time again.

  • Sexybread69

    6/15/2021 18:16

    Her pussy was soft and tight. I’m glad I paid for a quickie cause I came in 5 mins. She was a starfish in bed tho which may be a turn off for some hence minus one star. While I would normally go soft real quick cause she was a starfish, her pretty face and nice bush made up for her lackluster performance. Also she seemed to put a rubber band on the shaft of my penis so that I could maintain an erection which was quite a ingenious move. She will move to another motel in another city next week so you better see her now.

  • LVkiller

    3/30/2021 05:19

    One of these girls rocked my world, I have not been able to find her again. Great short visit QV for $60 off strip on Trop. They have been down a few day's but I'm sure they'll be back soon.

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