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Phoenix, Arizona



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193 reviews in total, 1.3 stars on average

  • 702-904-6650


    Wow, never ever send any of these hoes cash. I did see her once. Mediocre bbbj. It seemed like she was fake nice.
    I would not repeat because she smelled gross and I could smell her cooch even though she stayed fully clothed.

    • Replied on 11/8/2022

      Never saw you before this is a fake review

  • 626-310-6455


    Drug free my ass. She does more drugs than The Rolling Stones.
    Also lousy , boring service.

  • 928-691-9624


    Chick is chatty and kinda batshit crazy. After she stopped talking about how amazing she thinks she is, she did give a pretty decent bbbj.

  • 702-213-3586


    This lady is hot and tight all over. Looks like her photos and friendly, with accommodating service as well. I'd love to check her out again.

  • 702-801-1518


    Unbelievable that this chick is out there pregnant and still doing dates. Also hilarious that some poor bastard knocked this low-life up. I feel for the baby who will be brought into this world with such a great setup for life .

  • 702-444-8820


    I'm just going to come out and say it, but the last that I heard was that this chick has the clap. Trying to save anyone from the trouble of going to the doctor and getting that shot in the ass. Best wrap it up!

  • 702-687-3221


    Using fake pics!
    Also has the clap! Beware

  • 760-377-1816


    You are right about that. She will give you the run around like crazy. Her pics are seriously filtered etc. because she is a frumpy tweaker in person. In the middle of the session, she will start asking for more money or get pissed if you dont let her hit the meth pipe in front of you. Instant mood shift. Also wants you to run errands for her or run her around. HELL NO. Say no to all of that shit! Glad I only got a half assed BJ from this scallywag.

  • 702-447-7817


    This chick is completely insane and cracked out.

  • 760-459-1664


    This druggy seems to have an ongoing series of shitty things happening to her. When you meet her, you will realize why. In person, she looked extremely frumpy and when I didnt let her hit the pipe during the session, her personality did a complete switch and she started whining about wanting more money. I wouldnt bother with her anyway, because she will have you running around town, flake and everything else you can imagine. A huge waste of time, gas and money.

  • 707-365-5927


    300 for 15 min? What kind of rip off is this crap?

  • 408-684-3418


    The chick started her period during the session and then didnt even finish me off . I had to finish myself off. LAME

  • 281-779-2363


    I dont understand these ads not offering anything other than massage. You do realize this is an escort ad site right?

  • 619-964-1364


    What is this ghetto bullshit? Learn some proper language skills and not this hood rat talk.

  • 702-323-1272


    She is a great bj giver and tight pussy. Too bad she got a bit shady and never answers my messages. After letting her borrow $40 one time, she was supposed to make good on it. But she kept avoiding me until I messaged her from an alternate number. I booked an appointment and showed up at her place. Little did she know that it was me. She tried to play it off as if she knew, but she had no clue. I asked why she had been avoiding and she tried to say that she wasnt and play if off. I had my session and left, but it seemed like she was a bit strung out on drugs and the motel was disgusting. I also felt uncomfortable when there was a knock on the door. She said it was her roommate. I looked outside and it was a dude, which was interesting since when I met her the first time, she said she had a girl roommate. So she is pretty much just a liar. I dont know if she is worth seeing again, although that BJ is 2nd to none. lol


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