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Phoenix, Arizona



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Recent reviews from Nothanks

  • 702-850-6676

    5/12/2022 18:39

    0 stars. Pure garbage service and even worse attitude.

  • 725-220-5146

    4/15/2022 02:49

    Terrible service and attitude.

  • 707-409-9311

    4/10/2022 17:14

    Real or fake , those rates are fucking hilarious.

  • 702-521-5026

    3/8/2022 14:48

    Fake as hell. Dont trust anyone asking for money upfront.

  • 725-250-0476

    2/22/2022 16:43

    Nikki is definitely real. I was skeptical at first too for quite some time before I pulled the trigger. She is super accommodating and friendly. Lives in a nice completes and not in a shithole like most of these drug addicts. Also has great hygiene and no signs of any type of drug addiction either.

  • 323-977-6167

    2/16/2022 15:45

    Looks like 2 different chicks to me.

  • 661-438-3760

    1/21/2022 16:43

    That rate with that big ass gut spilling out ? Hell no

  • 760-462-5882

    1/11/2022 17:20

    Having all this prerequisite bs doesnt really attract customers. Bitches act like their time is more important than everyone else.


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