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Fresno, California



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3holetongue's favorites

559-715-8193 Posted 9 days ago

Fresno, California

559-425-7621 Posted 31 days ago

Fresno, California

Recent reviews from 3holetongue

  • 559-507-2430

    11/13/2021 19:04

    Let's put it this way. My fat dick has a big head and it barely squeezed in her. By her looks I knew she had "alot of miles" on her. It's called experience in bed. And it was damn good. In thigh highs, legs over my shoulders suction noises as I went in n out of her. Want a plain lay, get a plain price. I wanted to fuck the hottest and I did. Great mouth hug too. Wanted my tongue in her butt, cause I've seen it from behind but didn't go that far. I had a good time. That's all I know. Seen her a few times. Need a pic one day of that stunning beauty looking up while sucking me off. Nobody believes I had something that fine.

  • 559-465-9492

    11/13/2021 18:53

    A great escort. Met her on Bullard and marks by benaddiction. Spent the night after going out to dinner. Great conversation. Good laughs. Hot tub was smoking hot with her in it. Movie. Stayed up til dawn and talked. Just like a gf does. Met at random and showed me her ad. Glad we went out

  • 949-482-2634

    11/13/2021 10:36

    The all nighter with her was fun. Gives good head, but that pussy was like getting a blowjob. Wrapped tight, totally wet, and worked my dick dry. She sees to live my name and asked me to put my tongue to good use. I ate that juicy peach for over an hour. I whispered in her ear to relax and enjoy it. Evenrually, like all of them, my tongue did it's magic, and she gave in and came. Had a great time. Hot tub, fucked her all night. Great suction noises from her pussy as she threw her legs over my shoulders and I fucked her brains out. Fingers in thumb rubbing clit as I took turns with my tongue licking it.

  • 650-382-2140

    11/12/2021 11:38

    Oh those legs in thigh highs!! Had to meet that gorgeous face in person. Glad I did. She spent the night and I licked her over and over. That pussy is goooood!! Nice person. Alot of fun to hang with overnight. And when it did she played with it, my balls and sucked it hard again. All night hard on. Her tight, wet pussy grip made Suction noises as we fucked. She was a great time. In hot tub. Showing her off in town. In bed. I loved fucking her

  • 559-368-1485

    11/12/2021 01:45

    Smoking hot pics, so I text her. Stayed the night. Smokin hot naked. Super tight grip. Fantastic head giving. Loved me eating her pussy for an hour to get things going. Showed her off in town. My place, hot tub and champagne before we got to bed. She got on top alit. Played with those perfect tis the way she wanted. Titty fucked her with lube my lube when she spit it out and rubbed it on my dick as it stayed hard from how smokin hot she is. Suction noises whole going in n out of her it was so wet n tight. Before I came I went back to eating her. Both our favorite. She came. Fun time. Loved it. And so did she.

  • 559-470-1162

    11/11/2021 18:49

    She gave the GFE for sure. She spent the night. Out to dinner showing her off. Friendly, smiling. Hot tub for bbbj. Movie and then fucked the rest of the night after I ate her pussy out. Fingers in thumb rubbing clit. Lucked n ate it. She ooogasmed. Wet pussy as dick barely squeezes in her. Suction noises while I went in n out of her. A great time. A great lay. Great head. Great looking with style in and out of bed. 5 stars from me. So tight I'm going back for more

  • 559-556-0768

    11/11/2021 18:41

    I took her up on her offer and got on it. Well worth it. Ad was spit on better looking than that sexy vid that turned me on. Did our own. Her sucking on me on her knees looking up and me eating between her legs kneeling by the bed. Great fun. Smiling, happy loved to pkease me. A great lay, tight as her wet pussy made Suction noises as I was on top with her legs over my shoulders. Might have found a regular to eat out.

  • 559-293-1555

    11/10/2021 11:48

    First moved here to Fresno met her on shaw n marks having a donut. Said if I needed a windxhime for her backyard, she could do it. She gave fantastic head. She kept going and going and going. It got hard again and she hopped on top and rode it out. Lives nearby, so I fuck her now and again when I see her .

  • 858-262-1976

    11/9/2021 14:04

    Her big tits and small hips turned me on. So seeing her naked was even better in person. She lived fucking with a smile as she rode me on top so I could fully enjoy her tits. Watching that ass cowgirl while she twerked almost made me cum. Threw her legs over my shoulders and she came as I fucked her brains out. Super tight grip and fantastic head giving. Loved it


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