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Elko, Nevada



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  • 702-841-8503

    9/17/2021 03:23

    She seemed nice on the phone but when I got to her motel things changed dramatically. As soon as I entered the door she seemed nervous, unenthusiastic, and kept telling me she was waiting for her “family” and looking out the window. I should have left once I saw how unenthusiastic she was but I was encouraged by a few reviews on other sites, which I now believe were her faking them. I paid for 45 mins and I was out of there in only 15. She kept complaining about how she didn’t want to be in the industry, almost like she wanted me to pay her to do nothing. It killed my mood bad that she kept complaining and looking out the window for “someone” and seemed to be frustrated he wasn’t coming. She even told me I’d get no refunds if I didn’t last long. I just wanted out of there and asked to finish me off quick BUT she refused. Then she began projecting her issues onto me that I was the one being rude and shouting at me to get out of her room. I’m going to avoid providers with less experience from now on.

  • 714-624-8756

    9/14/2021 02:43

    Rude on the phone and a flake! Waste of time


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