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Moreno Valley, California



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Recent reviews from Dallascwbys4lf

  • 909-505-9195

    5/19/2022 04:03

    Scammer takes money and doesn't even send you to right hotel

  • 909-222-6322

    5/19/2022 03:16

    Real or fake? Anybody? Seems like a scammer

  • 951-704-8672

    5/12/2022 04:58

    This girl is so fucken gorgeous. Treat her nice. Well worth seeing again. I cant wait to see her again. Gorgeous body and everything.. i loved it

  • 559-719-1980

    5/8/2022 02:47

    Nice lady but have to say no on meeting again. She's older than what she has put for her age, and has no teeth. Thats why shes slow. I would say to many drugs lol. Nice personality not bad looking but no just based off the teeth thing.. and cant talk to well..

  • 909-505-9471

    5/7/2022 07:52

    So took 70 from cash app sent me to 2 different hotels then told me to knock on a room door nobody there then started asking for more money deposits. So yeah fake scammer watch out

  • 310-881-5970

    5/6/2022 06:49

    Smelled bad, 10 mins girl. Clock watcher. Didnt do whatshe said as in squirt. And the. Left before i could even get dressed. Not worth the 100. Dont see this girl. She even had lube and sprayed it all over my seats. No respect. Even started with a Fontana address then changed it to corona after i was already omw to Fontana. Like wtf? So guys dont waste your money. She looks good but bad attitude..

  • 213-677-9355

    4/22/2022 06:47

    This girl is real and super chill and fucken amazing. Treat her with respect and do her right. She deserves the best

  • 424-537-4107

    4/22/2022 04:47

    Anybody? Which girl is she? It seems there's many different girls in the pics?

  • 213-900-8711

    4/21/2022 06:29

    She took my money on cash app then said she got pulled over and never replied back after saying shes on her way. Wtf. So she took my 45 dollar deposit and never heard from her again

  • 760-718-5196

    3/27/2022 06:07

    2 girls showed up took the money and fucken ran.. watch out guys dont see these scammers


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