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Las Vegas, Nevada



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702-787-6774 Posted 1 day ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

702-553-8759 Posted 20 days ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

702-556-6465 Posted 2 days ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

702-665-2812 Posted 1 day ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

702-335-6680 Posted 2 days ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

626-669-2536 Posted 15 days ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

92 reviews in total, 2.3 stars on average

  • 725-333-2090


    It's fake wants cashap* money upfront before the visit.

    • Replied on 8/1/2021

      I run go and legit work don't ever told me that I'm a fake okay

  • 725-207-8018


    Well I know the first part is true. About canceling all or most of her clients.

    • Replied on 7/7/2021

      It wasn’t me who canceled the clients it was a female and her husband and they got on my stuff. I’m pretending to be me and said I had HIV but her husband is the one who has it and she might have it

  • 725-272-9843


    Nasty gross chick lives in a one room ghetto motel on the edge of Naked city. Don't believe me? Go see her for yourself in her nasty room with her gross hog tits.

  • 702-956-8165


    All I did was text and ask a couple things and she went ghetto crazy on me. Very rude for no reason. She seems like a retarded tweaker and proof of that is in her AD she likes PnP.

  • 707-716-9875


    She is crazy Ghetto All I could think was how do I get her out of my house. She looks good but all the ghetto crap is a big turn off.

  • 702-335-6680


    I just saw Sandy here at Graphic Center she is very sweet and hot. No rush and fun only here a week.

  • 279-204-4496


    BS woman and on top of that wants way too much.

  • 832-656-4513


    I've seen her more than once and have had a good time. She is very real and will make sure you leave happy.

  • 702-723-7191


    I tried seeing her twice. You guys can have her, just another ghetto pig. I'll keep my money and find someone else.

  • 702-334-9525


    Fuckin crazy B went psycho on me. Nasty woman anyway. I'll stick with the women that are more more stable in life.

  • 702-203-6663


    I don't know if I've ever seen Karol. But Roxanne is my girl, you need to stay away from her lol.

  • 346-256-2779


    Just got back from seeing this one. She looks a little older and a little bigger but for $60 was worth it. Rates are 60 qv 140 hh (and not sure 260 Hr) No rush pretty sweet woman. CFS she let me go at it how ever I wanted. She's pretty flexible I had her legs above her head most of the time. She was okay with Sucking on her small tits and changing positions. She's no knockout, had a few kids but over all fun, I would go again.

  • 702-203-6663


    This girl is crazy hot! They change girls once a week she may stay longer this time tho. It's up near Rancho and Bonanza.

  • 702-718-4031


    she's so big she had a body girdle of some kind on to help hide how big she really is. I've never seen anything like it she took it off and I thought OMG what have I gotten myself into. Also these photos are fake she is much bigger.

  • 323-943-6414


    Agreed to a price then did the turn into a bitch and upsell thing. Acted very ghetto.

  • 725-220-5333


    Fuck She got me for $50 Much much bigger than photos, She lives in filth, in a really bad hotel. I should have left but then I got ripped off. Just a really nasty hood rat.

  • 702-848-7271


    She agreed to a bbbj over text I came no answer then waited for another hour no answer at all. Sitting outside for an hour on Bolder Hwy was not fun. I then texted from my other # she replied right away.

  • 702-744-0575


    Notice all these photos and not one is showing any of her brown nasty teeth.

  • 763-204-3473


    Wants a deposit right away. Then goes all ghetto when you don't send one.

  • 702-246-0440


    Looks like a trick/trap to me, check this out.

  • 702-744-0575


    I'm not being mean, telling the truth. This woman is a homeless iv drug user. She took down the photos of her brown teeth. She had her husband beat and rob me because I would not do anything with her because I was scared she looked so bad.

  • 661-666-6981


    I had a good time with her. Kissing suck on tits FS 2 pops.

  • 702-781-5493


    BS Wants cashapp, z**** payment only

  • 702-503-0494


    She says yuck about rim jobs. I feel the same about her. Never again

  • 747-900-0792


    I seen her she is real but photos are fake. She is sweet no rush. Not great looking but nice girl.

  • 702-714-1437


    Are any of these girls really hot? And if so who? It seems they have three girls Ruby Marelyn
    and Samantha. I think I walked out without seeing Samantha, who did not look crazy hot to me. Let us know if you guys have an update on this place.

  • 702-956-8767


    I was wrong, my review was for someone else. I got to her incall and she stopped answering text.

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