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Las Vegas, Nevada



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702-972-3809 Posted 5 days ago

North Hills, California

Recent reviews from LvGent

  • 702-409-3980

    1/20/2022 11:28

    You will not be disappointed. Wide open menu, clean, fresh, squeaky clean and totally accomodating.
    Has many stellar reviews online.

  • 702-551-2593

    1/2/2022 12:12

    Some on here are totally clueless and want to share their stupidity. Kat IS in Las Vegas and YES these two are doing duos together. If you want to know the truth, just ask Kat. leatboxx don't try so hard to show how ignorant you are, it is blatantly obvious.
    She also has amazing reviews on two other websites.

  • 702-265-0743

    12/12/2021 15:07

    So who do you believe (again)? A few who sound like they have a grudge to settle or someone who has really been with this lady?
    She has many, very good reviews on other websites and I have had the pleasure of spending time with her.
    Very pleasant time, if you are normal, a gentleman, and of perfect hygiene, then you will have an amazing time.
    If you are looking for trouble, chances are you WILL find it. Never expect more than you are willing to give.

  • 725-212-1052

    11/28/2021 12:27

    Still another new phone number. But still terrible experience, only for those who do not know any better.

  • 702-783-1559

    11/28/2021 12:25

    How many phone numbers does this lady have? She can post as many different ads as she wants, but the result will always be the same. She talks too much, is huge--if that is yoru thing, and she will drive you crazy, and not in a good way. Steer clear.

  • 702-981-2002

    11/28/2021 12:20

    Always difficult to know, who to believe on any review website. BUT..........this lady has a ton of very positive reviews on TER (
    It is common knowledge that some clients are less than desireable and when they are unable to push a lady around the way they want, they write a bad review.
    I am sticking with the ton of positive reviews this lady has on TER.

  • 702-718-7955

    10/16/2021 13:33

    Texted her and she wanted a deposit. No way! Complete scam.

  • 702-867-0177

    10/16/2021 13:31

    Has multiple ads here. Not attractive, huge gut, and real creepy with her BF sitting in the parking lot in his pickup.

  • 702-660-5531

    10/16/2021 13:30

    She is for real. Not half as attractive as her ad. She has a huge gut. Her BF sits in his pickup just outside her apartment. Very creepy.

  • 702-623-5422

    10/13/2021 14:42

    Absolutely worst experience anywhere. She talks non-stop, is not attractive in any way, and is bat shit crazy! Don't waste your time.


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