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Las Vegas, Nevada



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70 reviews in total, 2.6 stars on average

  • 702-814-1896


    You know the old adage; "if it seems too good to be true." Google the phone number on this ad. Photos of many different ladies with many different names. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • 702-572-2441


    Don't expect to get her off. She does not climax.

  • 702-232-5628


    This lady is not only real. She is really amazing. Her photos do not do her justice and she is the absolute sexiest. BUT if you are not into "older" ladies, she is definitely not for you
    If you are open-minded and appreciate all women who are truly sexy, squeaky clean, and GFE providers, you will enjoy being with her.
    Please be squeaky clean yourself and behave like a gentleman. This is the key to you having one of the best times ever!

  • 702-505-7800


    One of the absolute best! Countless reviews on multiple websites. She looks much, much better than her photos.

  • 702-848-7816


    This lady is real and her photos are real. BUT she lives in New Jersey. From all of her online reviews she sounds like an amazing lady BUT never travels to Las Vegas. This ad is a SCAM SCAM SCAM.

  • 702-605-2935


    This lady is real, these photos are real. BUT this ad is a FAKE. She works as a cam model on chaturbate and lives in Canada. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

  • 773-920-9268


    This lady has over 20, extremely positive reviews on TER. Guess we all have a bad day once in a while, but this lady has had a ton of good days. Just sayin'.

  • 409-221-9510


    Kellie is a very sexy lady but if you choose the HHR rate, her services are extremely limited. Best to choose an hour duration and if you are a gentleman, squeaky clean, and show her the respect she deserves, you will have a good time.

  • 640-500-6020


    This lady was grossly overweight. Her boyfriend sits out in the parking lot in his pickup truck while you are inside her apartment. Very creepy. The service was average but due to the creepy experience will not be going back.

  • 702-232-9458


    Dee Marie is one of the special ones but she is very selective. If you are squeaky clean, a gentleman, and respectful, you will leave a happy man.
    If you are an egomaniac who is full of himself, Dee Marie may not be a good fit for you.

  • 520-612-3057


    Photos are accurate. She is a big girl as posted. Has a limited menu and can be a bit standoffish.

  • 775-392-7728


    Have read good and not so good reviews on this lady. She is definitely real and also goes by the name Jane. I guess it all depends on when we visit.

  • 725-222-2577


    The first clue that an ad is fake is that photos of two other ladies are included in her profile.
    Second clue, sentences in her description make no sense or are repeated.

  • 702-621-5327


    Now it is up to 10 different ads, 10 different phone numbers, all with the same pics.
    Anyone one care to place odds on the chance that this person is NOT real?

  • 702-783-2445


    Not sure how they do this, but this lady definitely did not post this ad. She lives on the east coast and has never been to Las Vegas, period!

  • 747-219-9680


    I know this lady and she is definitely not a fraud. She is quite sexy and very nice.

  • 702-276-5410


    Nine different ads, nine different phone numbers, all the same photos.

  • 702-552-8330


    How many different ads? How many different profiles? How many different phone numbers?

  • 702-447-4471


    What do you say about a photo that is included in seven different ads, all with different phone numbers, all with the absolute same photos?
    How about fake, fake, fake?

  • 702-746-1254


    What do you say about a profile on this website that has photos of three different women and a narrative that indicates only one woman is advertising?
    How about fake with a capital F?

  • 702-625-2157


    This lady is a gem! Great kisser, open minded--anything but anal. VERY curvy, strictly incall.

  • 702-763-4937


    She is sweet, kind, submissive, and if you are squeaky clean and a gentleman, she will let you do ANYTHING!

  • 702-574-6407


    Biggest scam artist in Las Vegas. Multiple ads here with multiple different phone numbers. Just how many phone numbers can one lady have? Save yourself the trouble.

  • 702-907-4449


    Can be quirky at times and loves to talk, but overall, a very good provider.

  • 702-788-3228


    She is legit. If you are squeaky clean and a total gentleman, you will enjoy your time together.

  • 702-348-3609


    Biggest scam artist in Las Vegas. Multiple ads here with multiple different phone numbers. Save yourself the trouble.

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