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Las Vegas, Nevada



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  • 503-776-6208

    3/6/2022 20:40

    Two very niggerish females.
    1 is driving the other around and she's 45 years old and been doing it for a long time so she laughs about how much money she gets from dumb crackers.
    So you can invite him over just to make fun of them but don't let him in the house okay because they're very ghetto and violent

  • 503-776-6287

    3/6/2022 20:02

    3907 N Juneau St, Portland, OR 97217
    Fat nigger 18 in a white car.
    Do you want to give her 400? She wants it.
    She thinks she is entitle to the cracker money.

  • 971-901-3418

    3/6/2022 19:57

    4427 NE 131st Ave, Portland, OR 97230
    UNIT B3
    Old ugly Catfish with a bunch of niggers in the house.
    She sends someone's pics. Very ugly. When you tell her about it the.
    She threatens you with the heard of niggers she says doesn't live there at first. Until she thinks you are there.
    It's a nigger thing. Even in Portland.

  • 702-814-2798

    3/6/2022 19:50

    A very fat Niger with a gun. She gets mad and then she threatens everybody with her gun.
    She's really destructive so don't have her come over to your place.

  • 503-741-4581

    3/5/2022 23:34

    This thing is so ugly. Do you think it would ever want to come to your place? It's so ugly that it wants you to go to it. Because it doesn't like rejection and it costs too much. So hey I bet it's a scammer

  • 971-361-1735

    3/5/2022 23:28

    A scammer using the same pictures over and over again sometimes with different numbers and looking for stupid white men. It might be the Niger in Chicago

  • 971-293-5805

    3/5/2022 23:24

    This is a group of black trash niggars they are females. They go around robbing men if they actually meet them. They have a couple of male Niger pimps driving him around. They actually spread out and robbed as many white crackers as they can. They laugh at how many white men they robbed. First they try and get you to wire them money. They might show up after that put they don't care they just want the money. It's a group of black trash Niger girls and a couple of black trash Niger pimps

  • 971-383-8196

    3/5/2022 23:22

    This is with a group of girls being pimped out and they are scammers and they laugh at the white men after they they robbed them

  • 402-206-0511

    3/5/2022 22:29

    Peppertree inn
    10720 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005
    Having a drug party in room 135
    2 black girls with a couple nigger pimps.
    Come join them. They want the money.
    You will leave mad though .
    They will show you their fun time.

  • 661-361-0142

    3/5/2022 22:01

    It's a scammer with a pimp in another city probably Chicago trying to get people to wire them money. Just your typical black trash niggars looking for stupid men to wire them money


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