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Ryan Quinn

San Diego, California



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Ryan Quinn's favorites

562-372-2890 Posted 12 hours ago

San Diego, California

323-972-3402 Posted 2 days ago

Orange County, California

619-880-6064 Posted 2 days ago

San Diego, California

22 reviews in total, 3.9 stars on average

  • 619-880-6064


    She is a real petite treat.
    She put on a super hotttt sexy lap dance. Her skin is flawless and she is just so hot and sexy.
    Her smile is gorgeous. She has amazing teeth and her shape is stunning.
    To top it all off, she is super fun, too.

  • 619-777-4614


    She is petite and cute. Her skin is flawless and she has killer abs. I came armed, as I always do and gave her a heads up before removing my piece. She was cool with it and did not freak out, which I found super hot. We had a little chat and did some business.
    Very charming girl and I'll see her again.

  • 323-972-3402


    She is much more attractive in person than her pictures would suggest.
    She's chill and down to earth. We've had a great time together and I'll see her again for sure.

  • 562-372-2890


    I can't believe I added her to my favourites but forgot to leave a review.
    I have nothing bad to say... like, at all.
    I y is VERY attractive. She posted her real age.
    Her skin is absolutely flawless and she is very sweet. She deserves your absolute respect. Ivy is the perfect companion if you are looking for something regular. She is am amazing young woman.
    If you haven't met her yet you should not wait any longer.
    Be generous with her and leave a tip and your next meeting with her will be even better

  • 619-365-2479


    Total scam and fraud.
    She is not the girl in the pictures. When I came into the room she had another chick hiding in the bathroom. I asked to use the bathroom and she would not let me because "of Covid". Well, if you are afraid of catching Covid when someone washes their hands in your sink the you are in the wrong job... Well, I went in anyway, cause I don't wanna get mugged with my pants down.

    Only after I have the donation she said handjob only. FS would be an extra 100. Of course no refunds.

    Long story short: she stole my money and she and her friend kicked me out.

    This was a first for me. Lesson learned.

  • 949-438-3712


    This young woman is a total sweetheart. She is charming, witty and has an enchanting smile.
    She is gentle, yet assertive and boy how stunning she looks.

    There are more things than tits and ass that can make a woman attractive and she has it all. I have seen her multiple time and I will go out of my way to see her again.

  • 951-226-2636


    I see at least 3 different women in these photos. One of them I actually recognize and have met in real life. This person is definitely using fake pics.
    Stay away, guys!!! There is some shady stuff going on here.

  • 760-388-7273


    Obvious fake ad. Poor translation. Will probably ask for a deposit or payment with a prepaid or gift card. Photos are of porn star Kira Noir

  • 562-774-2440


    Ivy is a sweetheart. She is kind and has a great personality. She is firm but accommodating within her boundaries. She is very pretty and has an amazing shape and absolutely beautiful skin. I have seen her many times. While she is great at EVERYTHING she does, she is also one to take on a trip or to show off at a gathering. She carries herself very well.

  • 702-276-2253


    This young woman is an absolute bombshell. I was suspicious of her pix at first but she is really real. She actually looks better in person. I was surprised to say the least.
    She was very accommodating but is assertive about the things she wont do.

    Great hygiene, great personality, great performance.

    I am making this one a regular. This is the type of woman that, in the real world, would be out of my league. If you ever want to get with a woman that you would normally only be able to dream of, this is the one.

  • 702-218-5843


    Her pics are real and she has a good sense of humor and is kinda chatty.
    She opened in just her underwear but the room was a bit messy and smelled like weed (I don't mind)
    She asked me to get comfy and got undressed and started stroking me. That's when she told me she was from Vegas and over there they get 700 to 1000 per date. The 200 we agreed on apparently was just for dancing.
    Total deception. She did not disclose any of that until after I gave her the donation.

    She totally started to haggle with me and wanted an extra 500 for anything more.

  • 228-424-7303


    This one is special. I felt a real connection. Sure, she is very attractive. But she has so much more to offer.
    If all you want is to bust a nut this is not the one for you. This one makes it feel real. Treat her well and with respect.

  • 619-750-0951


    Very sweet girl. It felt like she genuinely enjoyed my visits each time. I have seen her many times and each tine was a delight.

  • 619-362-7153


    She is super sexy but her greatest asset is her personality

  • 702-329-3168


    Princess is really sweet. She is extremely attractive. Pictures don't do her justice. This young landy is absolute catwalk material.

    Only downside about our meeting was that she is kind of a clock watcher. She actually set an alarm. "Time's up!"

    If not for that it would have been 5 stars. I will see her again, nonetheless when she's back in town.

  • 562-474-0455


    This lady is amazingly attractive. Her body is toned and she has excellent hygiene. But there are thing other than tits and ass that make a woman attractive.
    She is sweet, always herself, kind and empathetic. She knows how to adjust to you naturally.
    This lovely young woman is amazing. Someone to see regularly.

  • 470-288-0545


    Just heaven.
    I got no words. My god what a bombshell of a young woman!

  • 619-731-7691


    Lani is a real sweetheart. After our first date I knew I was going to meet her regularly.

  • 702-969-6163


    This chick is using fake pics. The girl in the pics has tattoos that she doesn't. Trying to tell me she is getting them removed.
    She is a lot bigger than the girl in the pics and has saggy tits. She doesn't even have all her teeth.
    When I said I was going to leave she asked me for 20 bucks for wasting her time. If anything it was my time that was wasted since I had to make the trip.
    On my way out she slammed the door in my back while calling me a bitch.

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