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Sir. Fucksalot

Columbia, South Carolina



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7 reviews in total, 2.4 stars on average

  • 678-693-2040


    Her nails are bigger than her whole ass! Where that ass go? Someone get this girl some red beans and rice stat

  • 803-848-6022


    I never should've let this nasty AIDS infected hoe even suck my dick like I did because I wouldn't hit it her pussy stunk to bad and her pictures are lies because she covered in scabs. But she must've had open sores in her mouth because this dumb cunt done gave me the HIV!

  • 843-492-1780


    So what she don't fuck blacks that's a good thing who wants a nasty woman that screws animals any ways

  • 864-475-7517


    I'd throw the D to her fine ass self so hard she'd have no choice but to take a month off working to recope

  • 803-848-6022


    This is a nasty ho her pussy smells rotten she is covered in sores and she rude like she thinks she better than everyone

  • 864-475-2216


    This is fake ask for a deposit and then tried to give a address that I know wasn't there's because it was my fam's place for 20 years now. Then they will call you a scam and block you.

  • 803-729-6585


    I made a date with her and when I got to her room she was passed out naked with her ass in the air a needle sticking out of her arm and about 10 guys running a train on her and you could smell rotten pussy from 30 feet! Only giving 3 stars because she does have a great looking ASS


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