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San Fernando Valley, California



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406-565-9355 Posted 11 hours ago

Reno, Nevada

607-766-1035 Posted 12 hours ago

Phoenix, Arizona

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  • 323-690-4507

    5/25/2022 10:13

    So Ive never seen this girl before and it seems like she's cool with alot of folks who have seen her. In this case, Ive noticed her first Private Delights review was accurate and on top of what kind of attitute she shows.
    I followed her snapchat and she decides to post a free only fans link, so I asked her I couldnt join it on time since the link was taken down. She gets all frustrated and cusses me out in spanish. Just an FYi: She acts like a baby if she doesn't have it her way. Decides to block me off WhatsApp.
    I was gonna go plan on seeing her one of these days once I got financially ready, but her attitude thru messaging changed my mind. She's just one muerta de hambre who's desperate for validation and rude. She shouldn't be doing this as a profession and should stick to housekeeping or something...
    There are wayyy better providers out there, she's not one of them..

  • 607-766-1035

    5/6/2022 21:32

    One of my all time favorite baby girls out there. Jordyn is such a sweetheart, I enjoy spending time with her. We always have very cool conversations, always a blast being with her. Ive seen her 3 times, and everytime is always a good one with her. We always have good laughs, and tell each other crazy stories or I remember how we both talked good about McDonalds the first time lol. Treat her well guys, she's a gem. I do miss her, since she hasn't stopped in my side of town, but Im willing to see her again. Love you Jordyn!!!

  • 406-565-9355

    5/6/2022 20:10

    Ive seen her 3 times when she's arrive here in the San Fernando Valley, and everytime feels like paradise with this girl. I love Kylie, she knows exactly how to put you at ease. Love her sense of humor thru her Snap posts, and she takes time in building a connection with you. After I finish, I always wanna come back. Definitly one of my all time favorites, if I can, Id keep her to myself, but a highly recommended provider!!

  • 818-419-7162

    5/6/2022 20:02

    Ive seen her about 4 times. She's been good when I saw her the first 3 times, but then the 4th time was probably the worst of the 3. She lied about her service I asked her plenty of times, and I always felt rushed from her home when I go, so if you wanna build a connection, she's not one to go to for that. Her place smelled of dog the first 3 times I went. She only speaks Spanish, so Spanish Speakers have it easier. Do yourself a favor, go elsewhere where you won't be rushed out the door... Fake body too.. Robotic as hell..

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