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Las Vegas, Nevada



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Recent reviews from decooldude

  • 702-981-2002

    11/23/2021 19:29

    Texas is very rude and she has the most horrible attitude I've ever encountered. Save your money as her personality and demeanor is a big turnoff and you'll have a hard time getting it up for her. She's a real bit*h!!!

  • 702-342-2951

    8/8/2021 11:11

    not only is she UGLY but she has the most horrible attitude. Not worth the time and money

  • 407-881-0659

    7/17/2021 15:47

    If it looks too good to be true. . . . . .

  • 702-234-5303

    5/17/2021 12:19

    This is a shill, a self post of a total lie. Fat, ugly and horrible head job, not worth the 60

  • 208-417-0576

    12/16/2019 23:27

    Fake pic! She was 31 5years ago and she upsells

  • 702-500-2482

    12/16/2019 23:23

    I contacted, she was asking 500! Haha

  • 775-412-5560

    12/16/2019 23:21

    Overpriced for what she provides, not worth 200

  • 725-221-7669

    12/16/2019 23:04

    Only if you like short, fat and chunky with boobs down to her waist

  • 725-214-8967

    12/16/2019 22:40

    Lots of belly fat, she changed her name and got a new number due to poor reviews going way back

  • 702-888-4796

    12/16/2019 22:24

    She flaked, a no show and a time waster

  • 702-581-7230

    12/16/2019 22:00

    Was disappointed as she looks way better in her pictures, poor performer, lack luster service, not worth the 100, better elsewhere


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