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michael faulkner


Tacoma, Washington



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Recent reviews from michael faulkner

  • 425-524-8751

    9/12/2021 19:35

    Keeps changing her number. She either does not respond, or is very aggressive to you when she does respond.

  • 360-843-7929

    9/12/2021 00:45

    Has a boyfriend and a bunch of children. Smells pretty bad too.

  • 971-213-5296

    9/11/2021 21:15

    Has a boyfriend and a bunch of kids.

  • 509-508-1390

    9/10/2021 16:21

    Avoid this one! She is a time waster and most likely not real. Will have you waste your gas sending you to different hotels that she knows that she is not going to be in.

  • 206-479-5130

    9/9/2021 22:50

    I told her how long I was going to get to her incall, but she kept asking me every few minutes. Lady just let me drive!

  • 503-419-7129

    9/9/2021 22:43

    Ass is flat. Horrible attitude. Time waster.

  • 425-409-9928

    9/9/2021 05:07

    Very rude! Ass is flat. Boobs are small and weird looking.

  • 206-333-5582

    9/9/2021 05:04

    All she does is lie. Then she will give her boyfriend your number to bother you if you dare call her out on it.

  • 360-614-3081

    9/9/2021 04:45

    Never answers her phone, yet keeps changing her number. What's the point in posting lady!!

  • 253-398-0797

    9/9/2021 04:43

    Asks too many questions instead of just meeting. Includes sending her a dick pic. And she never wants to speak on the phone which is odd.

  • 206-627-7390

    9/8/2021 15:08

    Unresponsive to texts. I also heard that she is a scammer.

  • 619-777-4813

    9/7/2021 20:19

    Charges 400 an hour. Will shame you for paying for pussy. Constantly calls people broke if they can't afford the donation, or blocks them if they do not respond in a timely manner. She is also flakey and plays way too many games. STAY AWAY.

  • 503-446-6971

    9/7/2021 04:38

    Super scammer! Requires a deposit before even meeting. Once she gets it, she'll block you and will change her number so she can do the same thing to her next victim.

  • 425-770-9759

    9/7/2021 04:31

    Will ignore your texts on purpose unless you say something that may piss her off. Leslina Lykes does have children, and a husband. See her at your own risk.

  • 503-832-9410

    9/7/2021 04:12

    Requires payment before even meeting. Definitely needs to slow down on eating. Keeps getting better every time she comes back after a hiatus.

  • 509-508-8088

    9/6/2021 02:50

    She expected to make 500 an hour per client. When she couldn't, she went back to eastern Washington. I still do not think she is real though.


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