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Central Jersey, New Jersey



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646-458-4812 Posted 5 days ago

Bronx, New York

814-232-0739 Posted 3 days ago

Bronx, New York

443-424-3255 Posted 20 hours ago

Baltimore, Maryland

702-506-6892 Posted 1 day ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

917-826-8341 Posted 3 days ago

Manhattan, New York

484-477-7518 Posted 20 hours ago

South Jersey, New Jersey

347-261-1025 Posted 3 days ago

Queens, New York

725-895-0466 Posted 23 hours ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

609-478-9182 Posted 2 days ago

Jersey Shore, New Jersey

775-665-6578 Posted 3 days ago

Reno, Nevada

347-480-0050 Posted 2 hours ago

Long Island, New York

929-366-7077 Posted 7 hours ago

Brooklyn, New York

347-955-1288 Posted 1 day ago

Brooklyn, New York

804-430-9665 Posted 4 days ago

Merced, California

347-375-9890 Posted 7 days ago

Bronx, New York

973-602-9218 Posted 3 days ago

North Jersey, New Jersey

917-810-1975 Posted 9 days ago

Bronx, New York

856-249-5968 Posted 2 days ago

South Jersey, New Jersey

702-602-8974 Posted 6 days ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

404-941-0361 Posted 3 hours ago

Atlanta, Georgia

646-239-8447 Posted 3 days ago

Bronx, New York

410-648-3443 Posted 18 days ago

Baltimore, Maryland

929-732-1846 Posted 1 hour ago

Queens, New York

530-771-5457 Posted 4 days ago

Las Vegas, Nevada

410-442-6232 Posted 3 days ago

Brooklyn, New York

646-239-4887 Posted 5 days ago

Bronx, New York

347-644-4348 Posted 11 days ago

Bronx, New York

332-228-0428 Posted 12 days ago

Brooklyn, New York

347-666-4659 Posted 5 days ago

Queens, New York

929-432-7187 Posted 2 days ago

Brooklyn, New York

Recent reviews from moosegreely973

  • 510-944-6173

    4/16/2022 03:24

    I finally met Alexis Bluu. I met her on Snapchat like over a year ago. I asked her if she's ever in my area. Alexis said she's thinking about coming to Philly and she came to the DMV area. When I seen her snapchat and found out she's coming to Philly. I told her I'll come and meet her. I drove an hour and half to meet her. We met in person in the lobby, at the hotel in center city. My first impression was she looks exactly like her pics. It's not like she's 20 to 80 lbs heavier in person. Alexis is very attractive and friendly. She greeted me with a hug. Then we went to her room for a hhr of FS. The FS was good she was moaning and gave me multiple positions. She wasn't one of those providers who only give you one or two positions. She didn't play on the phone during the session either. I had her full attention. I'll definitely see MS. Alexis Bluu again whenever she's in my area.

  • 929-324-8389

    1/23/2022 13:45

    I remember when I first met this provider. My first impression was she was sexy and busty. I lost touch with her for over a year and half. I recently was FS by this chick. Overall I had a good time and a quality provider.

  • 470-290-0100

    6/22/2021 14:06

    I remember hearing about this place from BP. I was searching for escorts to meet up with for my Atlanta trip. I went there two nights during my week vacay in Atl. This place didn't disappoint and it's lit. I met a couple of sexy ladies their. This place is safe and discreet. Which means a lot to us who participate in this hobby. I'm a lifetime member of this spa. Definitely my go to place for massages the next time I'm in Atlanta. I look forward to visiting this place again the next time I'm in Atlanta!

  • 702-420-2325

    12/17/2020 16:47

    I met this lovely provider a couple of times while she was in NJ. She's angelic, legit, and loves to laugh. I felt a 100% comfortable with her. I love Cali providers and it's another one under my belt.

  • 609-429-5333

    11/29/2020 14:22

    I spoke with Tasha a while ago. I recently met her. I was down in AC for my B-day. She's one of the few providers that uses her real pics. She's attractive and trustworthy. Talking with her I realized how good the content of her character is! That's something us hobbyist overlook when choosing providers. I'll definitely go back to see her!

    7/3/2020 17:08

    I met this chick. She's a great provider. A very sexy curvaceous Boricua. She got a good attitude and it's safe.


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