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Bellevue, Washington



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  • 503-999-2736


    Has a flat ass and a horrible attitude.

  • 253-209-1071


    It's a prostitution ring. Some of the girls are much larger in person. Stay away!

  • 206-212-1555


    Very delusional. She keeps telling me she has a big ass, but clearly in her pictures that is not the case.

  • 206-424-1884


    Overpriced. Takes two weeks to respond back to a text. Good luck.

  • 504-499-2642


    Very dumb and slow. Good luck trying to meet her, or have a conversation with her because her comprehension skills are worse than a 1st grader.

  • 206-474-4365


    Will never respond back to your texts. The chances of her responding to your calls are greater.

  • 206-765-5770


    She is not always available so do not believe her ad. You have to text her multiple times throughout the week to get a response. Good luck.

  • 206-945-0765


    Calls me a woman-hater because I call out escorts that provide shitty service and bad texting arrangements. You are very condescending and egotistical. If you were working, be an adult and communicate that with your client, don't just text me out of the blue as if nothing happened without apologizing. You are a horrible person and shitty human being just like the rest of you escorts. Rob, steal, lie, pimp affiliated, manipulate, catfish, and shame clients if they are broke, or just for paying for sex yet most of you selling it have a bunch of children, broke, have stds/hiv, herpes, and so on Fuck you!

  • 425-341-9909


    Will never respond to your texts. Good luck.

  • 206-945-0765


    Immature, entitled, makes strong assumptions, projects, and blocked me for calling her out for her poor use of the English language.

  • 304-315-2459


    Out of all the times I have texted her from the different numbers that she uses, I never gotten a response from her, yet she has the time to posts ads all day. Like what's the point lady?

  • 206-308-3904


    Time waster. I asked if she was available. Instead of answering the question, she ignores it to say how long, and continues with the process to meet. All to see she would not be ready to ser anyone yet. A two hour wait yet texting for teo hours prior to that. All she had to say is that she was not available!

  • 360-749-8805


    Flaked on me. Texted back and forth to meet, then all of a sudden she stopped texting back. Yet she posts all day. So frustrating.

  • 206-376-4798


    Time waster. Posts all day yet one word responses over text.

  • 425-606-3364


    SIngle mom with a horrible body, especially her stomach.

  • 425-280-1283


    Likes to play games on the phone. Avoid!


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